The Muscle Hook MT

The multi-functional massage tool that is changing the game of muscle recovery! GoFit’s Muscle Hook Multi-Tool targets the total body for deep tissue muscle recovery.

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The Swiss Army® knife for muscle recovery.

Combines roll-on massagers with a rolling massage bar — all in one for a full-body massage

Unique hook and handle design provides ideal leverage for massage pressure

Roll-on hook ends: durable, heavy duty urethane with free-rolling deep tissue massage spheres.

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Total Body Recovery

Its unique hook design and hand grips help reach tight muscles with massaging leverage. The relief-pattern of its rolling massage bar kneads sore muscle tissue while the roller-ball end knobs simulate massaging thumbs for total body recovery.

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Built to work.
Built to last.

Hook and handle design:

  • heavy-duty polyurethane for leverage

Spinning Massage Bar:

  • firm, non-latex rubber relief pattern
  • solid steel axle with precision ball bearings

Roll-On Massager hook ends:

  • durable urethane and free-rolling
  • removable for super easy cleaning

Size: 14" x 22" x 1.25"
Includes: Laminated Training Manual

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What people say?

"This Muscle Hook Multi-Tool is sick! My shoulder and neck pain don’t stand a chance! A quick roll on this bad boy and muscle pain and stiffness is gone. In fact, I bought three of these puppies! One for my locker, one for the house, and one for road trips."

ARCHIE BRADLEY — Major Leauge Pitcher